Lessons Learned in Real Estate & Life

Building a successful life is like constructing a skyscraper: both require a firm foundation built from the best materials available. But without a carefully drafted blueprint based on the collaborative wisdom of others, both the skyscraper and the journey for a successful life fail.

In Building: Lessons Learned in Real Estate and Life, Brian Watson shares the design details you need to build your best life.

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The Blueprint to Building Your Best Life

About the Book

Any builder you encounter will tell you the same thing: the depth and strength of your foundation are what determine the potential of your structure. The size, the height, the grandeur—every bit of it depends on a sturdy footing. And as Brian Watson explains in Building: Lessons Learned in Real Estate and Life, that doesn’t apply solely to architecture or real estate. Those same principles are just as applicable to your very own personal life.

Within these pages, Brian shares hard-fought insights of struggle and triumph gleaned from building a multi-billion dollar global commercial real estate investment firm and from being raised by some of the most extraordinary people. He lays out a blueprint you can follow so that all of your life’s pursuits—a successful business, a fulfilling personal life, an attitude of giving—can be based on a firm foundation with the potential that sees only the skies as their limit.

Meet The Author

Brian Watson is the Founder and CEO of Northstar Commercial Partners. Since founding the firm in 2000, he has led Northstar to its current position as one of the premier acquirers of vacant and/or value-add properties in the country. As CEO, he manages the firm’s overall business, new initiatives, investment strategies, and all major investment decisions, as well as sits on the investment committee of all investment activities.

Brian has lived in Colorado since 1981 and grew up in Olathe on the stunning Western Slope of Colorado, known for its agriculture and ranching.

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